PHC Whitepaper v3.0

We have built a platform that can radically change the relationship between vacation and investment!

PHC - Phuket Holiday Coin plans to become the currency par excellence used in the tourist transaction circuit of the island of Phuket - Thailand. The Token will have multiple functions, it will be used first as a currency to be put in the Staking platform with high passive returns, consequently the profits will be used by the owners to come here to Phuket and pay for the holidays only from passive income, moreover we have already entered into commercial agreements with large hotel groups, entertainment, transport, catering, hospitals, etc. that have already joined the circuit and others will join.
PHC owners will benefit from discounts in all businesses belonging to the circuit, we have developed with a prominent partner (temporary partner name not mentioned as per signed nondisclosure agreement) the inclusion of PHC in their POS payment system.
Phuket Holiday Coin POS System can be downloaded for free on all Android and iOS devices, so all activities can easily sign an agreement directly from the application. As a first step, we will monitor the first 200 affiliates for various types of tourism-related activities to test all the features, subsequently, after the completion of the TEST phase, we plan to reach the implementation of 3000 affiliates by 2022/23.
We have developed a concept idea to promote our project in cooperation with Phuket International Airport to install shops and advertise our project and provide Crypto Wallet for free by QR scanning, Phuket International Airport handles the arrival of approximately 12,000,000 international passengers per year!


The great revolution is at hand, the benefits that the token will bring will be epochal, investors will be able to take advantage of holidays with discounts, promotions and above all by using the profit deriving from the staking of their coins.
We have a native token called PHC which is currently based on ERC20 and BEP20. This token will be used in the main PHUKET HOLIDAY COIN ecosystem and have other functions in the future.
BEP20 & ERC20

PHC cross-chain bridge

The PHC Community

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DeFi draws inspiration from blockchain, the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin, which allows several entities to hold a copy of a history of transactions, meaning it isn’t controlled by a single, central source. That’s important because centralized systems and human gatekeepers can limit the speed and sophistication of transactions while offering users less direct control over their money.
Incentivize your entire community to stake and lock their native tokens and earn rewards in native tokens at the end of the staking period. Creates instant utility for your token and rewards your long term supporters.
Utilize our whitelist technology to limit stakers to only your top supporters. A great tool for raising funds, supporting marketing campaigns, or incentivizing product adoption.
Incentivize stakers to add liquidity to Uniswap and lock it up. Stakers earn rewards at the end of the period instead of daily inflation. Peace of mind is knowing that liquidity is locked with Ferrum’s Liquidity Staking technology.
Our world is changing, more and more e-payment systems will serve us on our daily life, the blockchain based POS payments are going to be the major platform utilized in the close future for any kind of purchasing. PHC ecosystem of local businesses and entrepreneurs will allow you to make payment
Payment discounts up to 10/20/30% for your purchasing goods/services within our extensive network of partners in the island. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a cocktail at nightclub or pay a property installment, if you are using our PHC coin the discount is certainly satisfactory.
PHC Platform goes beyond itself for the good causes. Part of the income deriving from PHC platform is planned to be used to help and support local entities already present in the island of Phuket like orphanages, elephant sanctuaries, schools, hospitals, stray dog and cat foundations, environment preservation groups, etc. For the community member will be given as an option but for PHC Platform creators it matches our philanthropic point of view.
Many unveiled projects are ready to be developed by the PHC founders. As a DeFi based platform our future is bright and clear an it will be able to offer plenty of opportunities such as Barter, Mortgage, Borrow, Leasing.



The Phuket Holiday Coin team combines a passion for DeFi and blockchain, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.

Introducing the PHC Marketplace

Phuket Holiday Coin was born from the idea of merging the tourism industry, Blockchain and DeFi together, all with the aim of improving and increasing tourism on the island of Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman and offering our investors an excellent opportunity.
  • The platform will be managed by one of the most important POS payment platforms.
  • The Token will travel in Ethereum Blockchain and with the advent of ETH2, known also as the transition from Proof Of Work to Proof Of Stake and where there will be an improvement of the scalability, security, and sustainability of Ethereum, the transactions will be 1000 times faster and safer with the inclusion of fees reduction.
  • The widespread distribution free of charge of 3,000 POS to commercial operators such as Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Discos, Airlines, Taxi Service, Boat Service, Shopping Mall, Water Parks where each of them will guarantee discounts to all tourists who will pay with PHC – Phuket Holiday Coin.
  • The PHC usage target in the commercial circuit of the island is set at 1% of the annual presences that the island of Phuket receives, which amounts to 12,000,000 travelers, so our target is only 120,000 users with an estimated number of transactions per year, in the commercial circuit of the island alone, of 1,200,000 (10 transactions per user).

Business PAYMENT Models

It is the easy way for the merchants to accepting the Cryptocurrency in their stores. They have the QR Code for the Cryptocurrency holder to scan on it, and the PHC - CLASSE PAY systems can automatic calculate the real-time exchange rate for the merchants.
PHC - CLASSE PAY systems

Financial Partners


Sanna Rosario Antonio – Co-Founder & CEO
Preechavude Keesin- Co-Founder & CFO
Federico Lazzarotto – Co-Founder & CTO
Pongsakorn Latchapirom – Chief Operating Officer
Saverio Novielli – IT Network Specialist
Phadet Jinda – Financial Senior Advisor
Samarn Takort – Legal Advisor
Devis Bonetto – Senior Advisor
Tanakorn Karote – Digital Asset Advisor
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